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The Adoption Process

Note: If you have already applied and been approved to foster or adopt, there is no need to apply again! Email our adoptions team at

Applying to Adopt

Deciding to add a furry member to the family is a very exciting time. As adopting a dog is a big commitment, we want to ensure that we find the dog that is the best fit for your family. Adopting a Hearts & Bones dog requires a completed application. Following the submission of your application, our team will respond with any follow-up questions or move on to the virtual home visit portion of our process. We place dogs mainly in the New York City tri-state area and Texas, although we do welcome out-of-state applications that are within a reasonable driving distance. Our minimum age requirement for adopters is 22 years old.

The final adoptive home of a dog is chosen, firstly, based on the best fit. If there are multiple excellent applications for the same dog, then our policy is to look at which application was completed and submitted first. We carefully screen all of our adopters and dogs to ensure that we are finding the best match not only for the dog, but also for your family.


Once ​you have been approved, please take a look through our welcome packet that we have put together to help you and your family (furry or not) welcome home the newest member of the family!

What Are The Adoption Fees? 

Our adoption fee ranges from $275-$550 depending on a few factors, including the age and location of the dog. Fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. Refer to the table below for our adoption fees. Please direct any questions to our adoption team at

Adoption fees are used to cover the cost of caring for our adoptable dogs. Prior to adoption, our adoptable dogs are spayed/neutered (unless underage), vaccinated with age-appropriate vaccinations, tested for heartworm, and given required preventives. In addition to all of the basics, the adoption fee also helps cover any additional medical treatments that may arise while the dog is in rescue. Examples of medical issues include respiratory infections, skin conditions, orthopedic consultations and surgery, cancer treatment, among others. A large portion of the adoption fee also goes towards the cost of transporting each dog, including federally-mandated (USDA) interstate health certificates. 

Our goal is to save as many dogs as we can, help them find forever families, and bring joy to their (and your!) lives. When you adopt, you become a part of that journey and mission, so we thank you for choosing to rescue!

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